Rolling Solo

For the past few years, I've been traveling solo as much as possible. As a woman, I think it's a rite of passage and something everyone should do at least once. However sometimes, it's just circumstantial because no one else can afford to take time off. 

My first big solo trip was to Australia when I was 21. Long story short, the girl I was then was not prepared to take on the world by herself. Ten years later, I started traveling on small trips here and there, staying in my own rooms, taking my own flights, until I got really use to the idea of not having to care what anyone else wants to do. Today, I'm not necessarily sure that was such a good thing. 

I think traveling alone is life changing. My solo trip to Thailand was one of the most terrifying experiences in the best way. Language and food barriers being the biggest factors. However, I think people are more likely to approach you/speak to you if you're solo. I met so many amazing friends that I still have to this day! You go out of your way to be extra friendly and open to new ideas and experiences and the rewards are endless. There are SO many great things about traveling alone.

However, sometimes there are averse effects. People who don't travel easily may seem more annoying. They ask a lot of questions, they take forever to get ready, or they are a little culturally unaware. Trust me, I get it. But there's something about South Africa that has changed me. I want to be better. I want to share my experiences so that my friends can have the opportunity to grow and travel. It's the main reason we started Legit Trips.

So I leave you with this for the end of my first post back in the blog world. If you find yourself being annoyed with your fellow travelers, remember these three things.

  1. Be patient. You weren't always as awesome as you are now and someone was likely very patient with you several times in order for you to learn and gain experience and be a better traveler.
  2. Everyone is a consequence of their own experiences. Remember that not everyone has had the life you have. For that, consider yourself fortunate if you've traveled a lot more than your friends. 
  3. Pura Vida. No Pasa Nada. You're on VACATION! Remember to enjoy it because if you're letting other people ruin your time, the only person to blame is you.

"Life is about creating & living experiences that are worth sharing." - Steve Jobs. 

So go out there and travel alone but don't let it ruin you! Other people are still awesome and fun to be around so don't miss your chance to experience them too!