Bubbles are ALL the rage

For obvious reasons, I follow just about every travel company on Facebook. With the accessibility of travel these days, it seems that the options for our bucket list are rapidly expanding and especially in the form of bubbles. When are we going?!


1) Northern Ireland. If Ireland wasn't beautiful enough, now you can sleep outside without being bothered by actual nature. Finn Lough is an incredible lakeside resort with luxurious accommodation in their Forest Domes. All bubbles come with ensuite bathrooms, coffee machines, transparent walls, and unbelievable views. Price range - $275-$500 euros per night

2) Iceland. There’s no better way to experience the Northern Lights in Iceland than by staying at Buubble, aka The 5 Million Star Hotel. About 1.5 – 2 hours from Reykjavik, the hotel offers a variety of bubbles, all equipped with comfy beds and heaters. Our only complaint about this aurora borealis dream is that you HAVE to book a tour along with the hotel. They don't allow the option to just go there, stay the night, and stare at the stars. Price range is $500-$600 per person per night.


3) South of France. Luxury meets outdoor living at ATTRAP’RÊVES, a unique bubble hotel tucked away in the countryside of Marseille. There are three different locations in the South of France that are all unique. This location invites you to sleep beneath the stars in inflatable plastic bubbles created by French designer Pierre-Stephane Dumas and furnished with king-sized beds. Price range is $109-$150 euro per night.


4. Spain. In the Northeastern UNESCO region of Spain, Aire de Bardenas hotel has tastefully decorated bubble rooms with endless views of the Bardenas Reales Natural Park. The hotel rooms are all connected by bubble tunnels and come with bathrooms, electricity, Wi-Fi, and a minibar.


Reach out to Lundy@legittrips.com for more info or to book one of these amazing bubbles!