I think every living, breathing human as once had the Galapagos on their bucketlist, if they don't still. I always thought it would be a cool place to go but I didn't know enough about it to be actively pursuing a visit. Luckily, a good friend of mine was booking a trip and convinced me to come along. 

Leaving out company names, it was my first time to purchase a group trip that was not a Legit Trip. I thought it would be the perfect experience to see what it's like on the other side, as a customer. Well, long story short, I learned a lot, and realized we're doing a REALLY good job on our trips compared to some other companies. 

More importantly, the Galapagos were incredible. Sea lions were like puppies, covering every inch of the shoreline. Their babies are particularly adorable, always playing with each other or splashing around in the water. Everywhere you turned in the water, there was a turtle, almost as big as I am, just swimming near you or most likely scarfing down some underwater plants. Then there were sharks. All of my life I've had an irrational fear of sharks yet somehow, when they were swimming below me IN REAL LIFE, I had the urge to swim down to see them better! Hammerheads just cruising below us that would swim away from us as we got closer. Turns out, they wanted nothing to do with us. I could go on and on, the sea life was overwhelming. 

If you love the ocean, turtles, sharks, or pretty much anything that lives in water, the Galapagos are for you. We've cultivated the best possible trip for April, cutting out the things we felt weren't worth your time and adding extra days in the best places. Also, we've optimized the days and accommodations to provide the best value for the lowest price we could find! There are a few spots left, join us in April!

Kicker Rock
Darwin Center
Tortuga Beach
Highlands Center