Isla Mujeres- Too Close to Cancun

I hate to have any Caribbean Islands on this list that I do NOT highly recommend, but I get asked about Isla Mujeres A LOT. This tiny island’s location just off the coast of Cancun makes it cheap and easy to get to. IMHO this is the same reason I would not highly recommend it as a destination.

Things to know if you decide to go anyway—

The hustling is real. You will constantly have to say no to vendors and children who are trying to sell you anything and everything under the sun.

It is a resort zone like Cancun. The resorts have taken over the town.

There is an in-ocean water park. Sounds cool, right? It’s not. They keep dolphin in captivity so that you can RIDE them (Face palm).

This is not a place for responsible tourism, therefore I cannot endorse it. However, it you are looking for a resort destination to escape, get some sun, look at the ocean, and feel like you’re not far from home, this destination will do. Really, it’s perfectly fine. It’s just nothing special.


Language: Officially Spanish. However, English is widely spoken in the hospitality industry.

Currency: Mexican Peso MXN, though US Dollars are widely accepted

Electric: Same as US, though some older locations may only offer 2 prong outlets.

Driving: It’s not necessary to rent a car on Isla. You can rent a bicycle or moped or golf cart if you need extra transportation. It’s a small, crowded place with very limited parking. I wouldn’t recommend a car.

Airports: You have to fly in to Cancun and take the ferry over to the island. The Gran Puerto Cancun Ultramar ferry dock is located in Puerto Juarez near downtown Cancun. The boats leave every half hour from 5:00 am until 9:00 pm and every hour after that. The ferry ride takes about 15 minutes.

If you’re thinking about going to Isla Mujeres or would like to explore other destinations in Mexico, or other Caribbean islands, please contact us (! We’re happy to provide free consultations. We also have a group trip going to Cozumel this Spring, check it out: