What are Legit Trips?

After traveling the world for over ten years, we realized that too many young people are dying to travel more but don't where to start. We wanted to create unique trips that take all of the hassle and headache out of planning. This way, you can book a trip, show up, and have a blast without having to think about anything!

Travel is the best way to truly experience how the rest of the world lives. Our trips are a combination of the best of the best in each location while allowing for an off the beaten path experience that allows you to connect with the local culture. We curate a week/weekend full of fun and you get to decide how much or how little you want to participate. You book your flight, we do the rest!

Why go on a Legit Trip?

1. FUN! With over a decade of experience creating fun-filled weekends all over the world, we're EXPERTS in fun. Depending on the location, we have everything from Floaty Fest with oversized floats on a tiny island in Belize, bar crawls on every trip, to Disco Bingo in Honduras. We BRING the fun everywhere we go!

2. Stress Free! We've already spent countless hours planning the perfect trip! This way, you don't have to waste any vacation time dealing with unforeseen issues, spending money you didn't budget for, or stressing about, well, anything.

3. VIP Onsite LT Trip Leader 24/7.  For each trip, we curate a custom website page with all of the best spots, what's happening each day, where the locals go, and what you can't miss! We travel in advance of all trips and ensure that every recommendation still holds true so that you don't have to google or yelp. You can just walk out the door and enjoy! 

4. Community. As people who love solo travel, it can often get lonely. Our trips are a great combination of people who love to travel but also love to meet new people! We know how hard it is to plan international travel with friends. Between varying work schedules, budgets, and personalities, it can be super frustrating to try to organize trips with multiple people. Going on a Legit trip means you'll always be traveling with 12-30 people around your age, all open to meeting new people, trying new things, and having a good time.

5. Go your own way. Legit Trips curates a group itinerary with no obligation to stick to any of it! You can sign up for every single activity, or you can spend the day by yourself. We'll always have a group going to dinner or out dancing so you can find someone to join for whatever you feel like doing! If you're the trip planner in the group, bring your friends along but with no pressure to entertain them!

Who goes on Legit Trips?

We curate our trips for the young at heart. If you're looking to explore the world and make new friends and memories, our trips are for you.

We get alot of questions about who goes on our trips so here is breakdown of what to expect on a trip:

Average age: 34 (most fall between 28 and 35)

30% go alone

60-70% women, 30-40% men

60% say they are single and looking to mingle

90% are college graduates

75% live in big cities

100% want to travel

The most important thing to know is that everyone on our trips chooses to be there, so already you know they are most likely outgoing, open to new experiences, looking to meet new people, and ready to have a good time.