We're Hiring!


Now Hiring Trip Leaders!!

How many giant floatys can you transport on a golf cart?  These are real life questions when working at Legit Trips. 

What we're looking for:
1) GREAT ENERGY - Our trips are up to 12 days and activity packed so we need leaders who can remain energetic at all times and keep up the spirit on the trip!

2) FRIENDLY - We want the person who gets along with EVERYONE. Someone who has never met a stranger. We'll be looking at social media presence as well as activity in your local communities.

3) ORGANIZED - Keeping track of itineraries, times, activities, and everything else is the MOST important thing. We want our guests to not have to think about ANYTHING so it's all on the leader to be prepared for questions at all times.

4) HELPFUL - We make sure our guests are always taken care of every step of the way on the trip. If they're sick, we get them the medicine they need. Do they want a massage? We find the best place. If you can think on your feet and solve any problem, you're the perfect person for our team!

5) TRAVEL EXPERIENCE - Have you been to multiple countries? Do you know the tips and tricks to surviving in a place that doesn't speak English? We've traveled all over the world and learned the hard way! We want leaders who have learned from their experiences and can bring a wealth of knowledge to our trip guests.

6) PATIENCE - Last but certainly not least. Our trip leaders have to have the absolute most patience. You're there for them at all times for whatever they need. We're looking for people who have experience in challenging customer service environments and have the patience to provide the absolute best service at all times!

Email fun@legittrips.com with your resume and letter of interest in becoming a trip leader for us! Please provide your social media links as well as a story about your last or favorite international trip!